About us


'Celia' is registered trademark and brand of Soeb & Allied Distribution.

‘Celia' which means heavenly in Latin, is the name of a 100% natural soap with no paraben, non-toxic ingredients and no corrosive chemicals. Celia is the fruit of nearly 2 years of research and is produced in accordance to high quality norms, standards and expectations such as HALAL, ISO 9001, FICC, 100% VEG, GMP, SCC.


Soeb & Allied Distribution is a distribution business established in 2016 in order to market and sell a 100% natural soap named as ‘Celia’. The organisation comprises of the founder and a few employees who believe in the mission of the business. The head office of the organization is based in Mauritius and the design and concept is designed form there to be produced by our manufacturing partner.

DIGITAL PLATFORM - www.celiashops.com

Slowly but surely with time, the micro enterprise has been able establish itself in the heart of its customers. As a result, the brand Celia evolved to an online buying platform which strive to serve the beloved country of Mauritius whilst focusing on maximizing the satisfaction of our Mauritian customers.


Our company is composed of mostly young talents who have a vision of serving our valued customers to achieve customer satisfaction is the most unique and appreciated way.



The above picture demonstrates the success of our soap during the 2019 trade fair organised at Sir Abdool Razack Mohamed Center at Phoenix. Our product is indeed a quality product made available to everyone at an affordable price. 


 Here is the products which just came out of production.